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Alolive elixir is a combination of Greek extra virgin olive oil with excellent quality of Greek aloe.

  • Alolive elixir which has a certified health characterization (health claim) based on polyphenol measurements according to Europe Law No.432 / 2012.

  • In addition to these, Alolive has a Certificate of Registration from EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office), accompanied by a Trade Mark No 016128977.

  • Based on a specific cultivation protocol, Alolive has pharmaceutical properties and it is suitable for cooking with it (combine your plates with a Mediterranean taste), drinking it (suitable for stomach disorders) or applying it on your skin in a daily routine (suitable for skin diseases or their prevention).

  • Moreover, Alolive is characterized by its zero acidity.

Alolive Elixir Box (250ml)

    Alolive Box 250ml
    Alolive Box 250ml
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