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How Polyphenol Olive Oil Help Reduce the Symptoms οf COVID-19?

In a nutshell, EVOO – a staple in the Mediterranean diet – has low cytokine levels.

Keeping your cytokine levels in check could be a saving grace in the fight against COVID-19 by potentially reducing the severity of your illness and its related symptoms.

Cytokines play a key role in immune system support, but too many cytokines can cause what experts name a {cytokine storm} – otherwise known as hypercytokinemia. This means that the immune system overreacts to any foreign invaders, which can cause much more severe illness or even death in COVID-19 patients.

These cytokine storms have been found to reduce how much oxygen is in the blood while causing fluid to accumulate in the lungs.

This can make breathing a challenge and raise the chances of the patient experiencing even more adverse side effects.

Researchers have found that olive oil consumption could play a role in the prevention of adverse COVID-19 symptoms and even death. It all boils down to having healthy immune system, something olive oil has been treasured for contributing to for centuries.

High-phenolic olive oil is also high in something called oleuropein, which Ahmad Alkhatib – researcher at the Teeside University Center for Public Health – hails for its potential to encourage antiviral activity in the body.

This has already been explored in the respiratory syncytial virus, a common infection that affects the upper respiratory tract, and researchers like Ahmad have high hopes for high-phenolic olive oils in the fight against COVID-19 too.


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